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6 of the Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Mar 30, 2021   •   5 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned real estate professional: building your brand and getting your name in front of the right people takes time. Here are six of the best, time-tested marketing ideas to bring consistent growth to your real estate business.

Build a Website

Many home buyers do at least some online research before they consider contacting you. Having your own website — separate from any brokerage or national firm — allows you to showcase your products and services as well as the properties you show. Ensure the URL is clearly listed on all your marketing materials such as business cards, flyers, door hangers, and postcards.

Contact Methods. Your website should prominently feature all the ways to contact you: email, phone (for both calling and texting), and an online form. Each method appeals to different types of people, and you want to accommodate them all. If you’re feeling adventurous, install an online chat app so you can have live conversations with potential clients.

FAQ. A popular website feature is a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. Here you can provide answers to common questions potential customers have. Include answers to questions that buyers don’t usually ask, but is great information for them to know — like the parts of town you prefer and recent market conditions.

Start A Blog. If you have the time, consider starting a real estate blog on your website. Writing articles that are a resource to help potential clients navigate the process of purchasing or selling a home can help build your audience over time.

Create a Lead Magnet. A lead magnet is something for which people will provide their contact information. This could be a pdf file detailing the home sale or mortgage loan process. Once you have their email address, you can continue marketing to them via a newsletter or email campaign.

Email Campaigns

Once you’ve built a mailing list (see the “Create a Lead Magnet” section above), you can develop email marketing campaigns. These can be in the form of newsletters, automated nurture campaigns, or one-off emails to let people know about upcoming events.

There are many services that can help with this such as Constant Contact, SendinBlue, and MailChimp, just to name a few. The goal of email marketing is to keep existing and potential customers engaged with your brand by providing them with something of value. This could be links to your newest blog posts, special pricing, free services, and links to blogs that answer questions.

Get High Quality Images

No matter how nice a property is, it is going to be judged based upon how good it looks in the photos you take. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a great picture is worth a thousand great words — conversely, a terrible picture is worth a thousand terrible words.

Photography. If you can afford it, hire a professional photographer. The quality of your photos not only help a home sell faster, it can help increase the selling price of a home — and your commission.  

Matterport 3D Scans. Matterport now offers an iPhone app that allows you to inexpensively take 3D scans and walk-throughs; becoming familiar with this emerging technology will help provide the best online experience for your clients.

Video. Sometimes a simple walk-through video that can be included on your website can also help you win more calls about a property. Both Facebook and Youtube (along with other video sites) allow live streams that can later be used on your website or in social media.

Participate in Social Media

Set up and use social media to showcase your new properties (just listed and just sold), conduct live streams, and share blog posts from your website. It’s a great way to help develop your personal brand and draw potential clients in surrounding areas to your site. There are numerous social media sites to choose from, but the best are Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Check all social media platforms to see which ones work best for you. Also, consider using a social media scheduling app or software, such as SproutSocial or Hootsuite. There are many to choose from — select the one that best fits your needs.

Leverage Free Online Resources

There are a large number of resources where you can list your website for free. Setting up and periodically maintaining your listings in the following business directory listing sites can help you get found, some even help build trust in your brand:

  • Google My Business
  • NextDoor
  • Yelp
  • Zillow
  • Redfin
  • Trulia
  • MLS
  • Movoto

In addition, there are many other business listing sites that you may want to get your listing on. However, they are so numerous it can be difficult to keep up with them all. In those instances, we recommend signing up for a business directory listing management service such as Moz Local or Yext.

The price you pay for these directory listing services is more than worth the time you’ll save. And it will cut back the number of sites on which you must maintain your company information.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail continues to be very useful for real estate professionals. But there is a better way to target specific neighborhoods or city regions without using the shotgun approach of USPS EDDM. Take advantage of a direct mail marketing system that allows you to be far more specific with your targeting.

You have the power to schedule the printing and emailing of your direct mail campaigns for a year in advance and not have to worry about it again. Targeted direct mail can also help you farm specific neighborhoods with just listed and just sold campaigns, to help establish yourself in a given area. Sign up for a free account today.

Is there a marketing method not listed above that you’ve had great success with? Send us a note! We’d love your feedback.

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