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Facebook Tips for Realtors: 15 Ways to Boost Engagement

social media sharing icons are important even for real estate agents
Jan 16, 2017   •   5 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

Real estate agents know how important it is to keep in touch with their spheres of influence. Thankfully, social media provides a great centralized location for agents to easily reach their existing and potential clients through posts and advertisements. The challenge, however, is leveraging platforms like Facebook to create an engaging and growing network rich with conversations and sharing. Once an agent’s page is active with supportive fans, newcomers will be more likely to interpret the activity on the feed as credibility towards the agent’s expertise. How do you encourage more engagement from followers on your agent Facebook page, you ask? To get you started, we’ve put together 15 actions you can take today:

Be Unique

In order to be competitive in your market, you must be able to stand out among the other real estate agents who are also targeting your neighborhoods. Being genuine and professional will give your prospects a glimpse into how you conduct business.Tweet: Being genuine and professional will give your prospects a glimpse into how you conduct business

If you’ve been working in the real estate business for some time, you’ve most likely developed a unique style or identity - try to project the same tone used during client calls and in-person interactions in your posts on social media. Embrace your brand and show (or Facebook!) it proudly!  

“Defining your brand attributes is key to cementing a powerful, genuine, original voice that resonates in your community…’Brand attributes are a list of words that are what your brand always has to express -- no matter where it’s experienced,’ Merrill explained.” - Does Your Facebook Content Strategy Begin With This Crucial 1st Step?

Action Tips:

  1. Include your personality
  2. Show off company culture

Be Focused

Just as with any other form of marketing (like direct mail), it’s crucial to always remember who your audience is on Facebook. Since you’re trying to appeal to these individuals, you must understand who they are and what interests them. Pay attention to what your followers post to gain insights into what content they feel is worth sharing.Tweet: Pay attention to what your followers post to gain insights into what content they feel is worth sharing

You can even try asking them! If that doesn’t give you enough detail, you can use Facebook tools like the Audience Insights page to see what type of people are following your page. Keeping this in mind will ensure your future posts are relevant and interesting, which will keep your followers engaged by sharing, liking, and/or commenting on your content.

“The activities, posts, comments, and any other type of engagement you encounter on your brand’s Facebook page, offer valuable data for you to consider. You can see what kind of content your audience responds to, what kind of content they ignore, and therefore what content you should concentrate on and put your efforts into. Furthermore, you’re able to narrow in on exactly who your audience is, and focus on this demographic. Facebook makes this really easy for you through their own “Audience Insights,” where you are able to see exactly what your audience engages with.” - 7 Facebook Marketing Tips to Help Increase Engagement

Action Tips:

  1. Analyze your Facebook Business page’s Audience Insights
  2. Ask your audience what you want to know
  3. Share reviews or questions asked by your followers
  4. Share and credit posts and content from fans

Be Interesting

Now that you know what’s interesting to your audience, be sure to give them content that aligns with your findings. There are a few standard rules that apply to what’s popular on social media, like images and videos, but as an expert in your field, you know what topics are unique and valuable. Specific concerns and interests of your previous clients and prospects can provide a good bank of topics to quickly share with prospective and current homeowners that have liked your page.

“Research shows that photos account for 93% of brand interaction on Facebook. Additional data reveals Facebook posts under 250 words get 60% more engagement than longer posts. So, publish links to blog posts and short descriptions of your real estate listings with images included and you’ll be on your way to getting more views, comments, likes, and shares on the site.” - Real Estate Marketing Tips: The Agent’s Guide to Posting on Social Media

Action Tips:

  1. Post images and videos
  2. Don’t post essays
  3. Post unique and valuable content
  4. Promote contests
  5. Ask questions of your followers

Be Present

The underlying commonality of the tips above is that you need to post regularly. Fans are less likely to engage with a page that seems like there’s no one on the other end of the conversation.tweet: Fans are less likely to engage with a page that seems like there’s no one on the other end of the conversation

Once you’ve begun the dialogue with a post, be sure to respond to any comments and questions to encourage more comments and likes from other followers - that is the objective, right? Show that you you’re interested in what they have to say and appreciate them engaging with you!

“If your Facebook business page is like a cocktail party, you have got to mingle. Mingle a lot. Mingle often." - Real Estate Agents – Want to know why your Facebook page isn’t getting any engagement (or bringing in leads)?

Action Tips:

  1. Respond to comments
  2. Post during active times of the day
  3. Post frequently
  4. Pay to Boost Your Post: Learn more here

So as you’re responding to comments and thanking people for their “likes,” pat yourself on the back because your Facebook page is a success! By being true to yourself and your brand, you will grow your network of clients and prospects that appreciate you for your expertise.

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