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Real Estate Mobile App: Impress Your Seller with QCards

May 8, 2015   •   3 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

First impressions matter a lot, particularly in highly competitive industries such as real estate. Since most sellers will “shop around” and compare several agents, being able to make a great first impression is often all it takes to win their business.

Some real estate professionals use a high-pressure pitch to attract sellers, while others use certain sales tricks. It’s often far better to create a great first impression by showing, right from the beginning, how you’re the best choice to sell their home.

QCards is an easy-to-use app you can use to impress your sellers, right from the beginning. In a couple of touches, you can create and order a series of real estate direct mail postcards from your iPhone or iPad.

Instead of waiting until you’ve returned to your office to start marketing a seller’s property, you can begin right in front of them. What better way is there to create a fantastic first impression and win their confidence on the first meeting?


How QCards works

QCards is easy to use and makes designing and launching a direct mail postcard campaign a breeze.

Start by snapping a photo to use in your postcard, or if you’ve already got professional photographs of the home you’re marketing, upload one from your iPhone or iPad’s media library to begin designing your postcard.

Once you’ve got your photo in place, add customized text to make it as effective as possible. Customize your headline and copy to match your listing and attract a wide range of prospective buyers.

Once you're finished designing, QCards lets you print and mail your postcards right from the app itself. Choose your printing options and import a list of recipients using the contact list in your iPhone or iPad or a list of nearby GPS-generated addresses.


Customizing your postcards

One of the biggest benefits of using QCards is that it makes customizing your real estate postcards simple and fast. Choose from a variety of postcard sizes, including jumbo 8.5” x 5.5” postcards, and a selection of durable papers.

You can also add QR codes and other custom features to your postcards to maximize your direct mail campaign’s response rate. Full-color printing makes it easy to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by your campaign’s target audience.


Stand out, impress sellers and close the sale

Being able to take action quickly is often the key to success in sales. By using QCards to design, print and mail real estate postcards as soon as you’ve met your seller, you can set yourself ahead of the competition.

Impress your clients, stand out from the crowd and start your campaign on the right foot using QCards. This simple, user-friendly iPhone and iPad app could be just what you need to take your real estate sales to the next level. 


Get started using the QCards app, today!

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