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Increase Your Web and Social Media Traffic Using Direct Mail

Sep 1, 2015   •   1 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

Did you know that consumers are more web active when they receive direct mail first? While direct mail and online marketing may seem very different, using both marketing channels together can create powerful synergy.

Customers that receive a direct mail communication before visiting your website:

  • Spend 15% more time on site
  • Generate 22% more pageviews
  • Account for 16% more website visits in total

They’re also more likely to have larger purchases on your website. According to research, online shoppers that interact with brands across multiple media types spend 30% more than those who only use one medium.

That’s a significant difference – one that your business can benefit from by using direct mail as a marketing channel for its website.

Better yet, consumers respond extremely positively to direct mail.

  • 98% bring in their mail the same day it’s delivered
  • 77% sort through it immediately
  • Average spend 30 minutes reading through the mail they receive
  • 67% feel direct mail is more personal than the Internet
  • 64% order products using mail they’ve received within the month

Direct mail’s immense response rate and low costs make it a great medium for promoting your business’s web presence.

If your goal is to increase website or social media traffic and generate more revenue online, direct mail could very well be a more cost-effective option than advertising your business online. 

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