Inman Real Estate: What 'Levers' to Pull When Trying to Get an Offer

By: brianna_mckinney
  • September 10, 2015

Inman Using QuantumDigital's Real Estate Marketing Tools

What I have personally been using is QuantumDigital‘s TriggerMarketing system. 

What kind of direct mail campaign has been implemented?

As agents, we receive emails daily from other agents regarding new listings. For me, over the years, these come so frequently that I am numb to them.
What I have personally been using is QuantumDigital‘s TriggerMarketing system. Within minutes, I can send targeted cards out to 100, 200 or more homeowners nearest to my new listing to help me find their next neighbor.

A few weeks ago on one new listing where I employed TriggerMarketing I got a call from a neighbor down the street who had a coworker moving into the area.
They shared the listing postcard with them (it comes with QR code and a website), the friend looked at the photos, fell in love with the property, and we will close in a few weeks.

When ordering a “Just Listed” postcard from QuantumDigital, I have the ability to post it on my Facebook business page as well as our local RE/MAX closed group.
A partial function of the closed group is to let each of the agents within the group know about new listings in our service area. The key thing is that the marketing is focused — not random.

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