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3 Steps to Better Lead Generation in 2017

Dec 29, 2016   •   3 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

As we celebrate the new year, we all think back on areas where we could have performed better or would like to improve for the future. For some of us, it’s our exercise or diet regimen, but for many it could be related to our business success as well. Just as cutting calories helps to achieve goals, cutting excess expenses and implementing leaner processes can often improve the success of a business.

Process improvements can be intimidating as they force us to shape up and change our behavior and routines, but ‘tis the season to think about these things - in life and business! For real estate agents, lead generation is a crucial, year-round objective to maintain a pipeline, but  it doesn’t have to feel like a constant burden. If marketing to create leads is a major time investment for you, this may be an opportunity for a process improvement in your workflow as a real estate agent.

1. Farming

Seasoned real estate agents know competition is fierce, and tried-and-true methods of quickly attracting key prospects for in-person or phone conversations should be the ultimate objective.

Farming target neighborhoods through direct mail is a real estate marketing standard. farming target neighborhoods tweet

The first step to developing a lead-generating direct mail campaign is to nail down your audience. The article Tips for Choosing Your Farming Area can help you get started.

Once you know who you want to communicate with, your prospects must see your brand message frequently to be effective. Inc.’s article How to Use the Golden Formula of Advertising emphasises the importance of frequency with this advice, “If you want people to absorb your message, they'll need to hear it more than once. Reinforce key themes with consistency and your message will fully sink in over time.”  Setting up monthly mailings at the start of the year will let you rest easy in the busy months knowing your real estate brand will be top of mind when prospects are ready to act.

Automated direct mail services through QuantumDigital allow you to regularly send unique and relevant information to your farming areas. automated direct mail tweet

Top agents know AutoMail is a simple and fast way to set up a year’s worth of postcard farming to stay top of mind and generate more leads. Additionally, agents using AutoMail can integrate direct mail with unique home value reports upgrading to AutoMail Plus. The online market report provides the postcard recipient with recent neighborhood sales data and a home value estimate. Whenever a prospect views the page or fills out the contact form, you’ll instantly receive an email letting you know you have a new lead sourced through your mailing campaign.

Setting up a year of direct mail with AutoMail will streamline lead generation in the hot neighborhoods you’re wanting to work in most. automail direct mail tweet

2. Just Listed / Just Sold Campaigns

Informing prospects about new and sold listings not only speeds up your selling process, but it can also give future clients an opportunity to see your marketing at work. Maximizing this opportunity through direct mail is a common practice, but one that requires manual effort without the right automation tools. TriggerMarketing® taps into your MLS activity to automate the process of designing postcards and getting them out to your audience. Take advantage of new listings and sales by sharing these noteworthy announcements to generate leads with the business you’re already working on!


3. Facebook Advertising

Setting up an advertising campaign on Facebook can be cumbersome, especially when there are so many strategies to get out in front of your followers and continue to build your follower base. In addition to reaching your audience through Just Listed and Just Sold direct mail campaigns, you can extend that reach online by automating your Facebook Advertising with TriggerMarketing Social.

Direct mail reaches the residents in your farming area offline, and Facebook ads grab their attention in a social environment. direct mail combined with social tweet

By combining direct mail and social media marketing, you can be sure you’re getting your brand and messages out to your target audience both in their mailboxes and on their mobile devices.  

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