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Reach Your Perfect Prospects with Postcards for Real Estate

Mar 10, 2015   •   1 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

As a realtor, you use direct mail postcards to fuel many aspects of your business. From acquiring new leads to spreading awareness of new properties and your brand, postcards are a way to connect with your sphere of influence as well as prospects. Personalizing direct mail postcards enables you to not only reach the recipient but show that you understand them. By simply personalizing a few aspects of your direct mail, you can propel response rates from 2% to 6.5%. Here's a quick tip to help you to personalize your real estate postcards to generate more responses and close more deals.

Aside from including the recipient's name, there are many ways to add personalization to your custom postcards. Demographic information such as annual income, home value, and more can be personalized to fit your desired target audience to boost response rates and encourage recipients to act on your offer. This may sound time consuming, but with QuantumDigital's MapMail, you can target your perfect prospect with direct mail postcards quickly and seamlessly. To learn more about personalizing your direct mail for real estate, click here.

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