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Real Estate Campaign Idea: Customer Recognition

Aug 14, 2015   •   3 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

Have you ever received a postcard, letter or email from a company that didn’t try to sell you anything?

For most people, the answer is no. Although we receive a massive volume of letters and communications from brands throughout the year, few, if any, don’t make any attempt – whether directly or indirectly – to sell us something.

Because of this, when a brand makes a real effort to communicate with us for any reason other than selling something, whether it’s a product or a service, it’s a very memorable event.

One of the best ways to identify and reward your existing customers or single out your preferred customers is with a recognition campaign.

A recognition campaign is a direct mail campaign that isn’t about selling anything, building anticipation for an upcoming offer or any overt marketing purpose. It’s a direct mail campaign with one purpose: to give your best customers recognition. 

People are used to seeing “thank you” on brochures, sales receipts and invoices – they’re far less used to seeing it on its own, without any sales pitch or attempt to promote something.

Reaching out to your best customers with a simple thank you note is a great way to show them that you care.

It’s also an incredible way to build loyalty and respect. When you say “thank you” but follow up with a sales pitch, people write it off as an insincere gesture that’s designed to encourage them to part with their money.

When it’s just “thank you” on its own, however, customers recognize how much you care about their needs and priorities.

If you’re considering a customer recognition campaign, tone down the traditional marketing. Avoid overly selling anything – or even indirectly selling anything – as that isn’t the goal of this type of campaign.

Deliver a friendly, genuine message of thanks to your customers for their business and loyalty. Don’t ask for anything, but feel free to give something, whether it’s an exclusive discount, a free gift or simply a message stating why they’re important. 

If you’ve ever received a customer recognition letter or direct mail postcard from a company, you’ll know how powerful this type of communication can be.

It’s powerful because it flies in the face of marketing convention – the idea that all communications, from promotional direct mail pieces to news updates – should be designed to sell something.

It’s powerful because it’s what other marketers don’t do. It’s especially powerful because it shows your customers and clients that their business means far more than they thought it did and that you genuinely care.

The real estate industry is more dependent on personal relationships than almost any other. Realtors and real estate brokers that develop strong relationships with their customers and clients earn the best type of business: referral business.

How many of your competitors make their customers and clients truly feel special on a regular basis? By giving your customers the recognition they deserve, they’ll remember you when they – or their friends and relatives – need a realtor. 

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