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Two Tactics, One Campaign: Facebook and Direct Mail

Sep 29, 2015   •   2 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

Research shows that customers who interact with a brand across multiple types of media – for example, direct mail and social media – spend 30% more than average.

That’s a significant increase, and one that your business can benefit from by using direct mail and Facebook – two seemingly different marketing methods – together in its next campaign.

While Facebook and direct mail may seem worlds apart, they share a major common benefit for marketers: they’re both perfect for keeping in touch with a very specific market as part of a long-term campaign.

In short, they’re two tactics that can be used alongside each other in one campaign and can share similar demographic settings like zip code, gender, and age.

By delivering the same message using direct mail postcards and Facebook, you can strengthen your campaign and improve your results. A well orchestrated campaign that uses both tactics can generate stronger brand recognition and better sales.

You can also use each marketing tactic to strengthen the other. Want to expand your business’s Facebook audience? Try marketing your Facebook page using direct mail postcards to attract likes, fans and digital impressions.

The strongest brands are built by interacting with customers on a large variety of mediums over time. Facebook and direct mail might seem very different, but they can be used together very effectively to achieve your marketing objectives.

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