Direct Mail Tips

cta: call to action
And why your direct mail campaign may fail without one

Learn how to improve your next real estate direct mail campaign by including a clear call to action.

a pinned quantumdigital logo on a cork board as a reminder
How to make your next direct mail campaign more memorable

How to make your next real estate postcard, flyer, or brochure stand out from the crowd.

using direct mail to identify with your prospects
Craft direct mail messaging that speaks their language

The key to every great direct mail campaign is a deep understanding of your target audience’s wants and needs.

real estate agent writing a compelling blog post
How to write engaging direct mail messaging

The more engaging your copy is, the more people will respond to your direct mail campaign. Few things will rob a direct mail piece of its selling power more than an uninspiring, unengaging, and flat out uninteresting block of copy. 

What makes copy effective? It’s straightforward and simple. It’s factual rather than boastful. It touches readers' emotions and makes them think. It answers all of their questions, solves all of their problems and meets all of their needs.

information check list for direct mail marketing
Why a good mailing list is key for any real estate direct mail campaign

A good list is much more than just a path to your market – it is your market. If you’re mailing to an in-house list, such as a database of your customers, make sure it’s 100 percent current and up to date. 

Every outdated entry in your mailing list is a wasted opportunity and wasted money that could be better spent reaching out to a real prospect. Whether you’re sending a catalog or just listed postcards, your message should always reach a real recipient. 

real estate agent writing a compelling ad and headline

Crafting a clear and powerful headline can dramatically improve the success of your mailers and increase their response rate. Learn a few tips that you can use to create a powerful headline for your next direct mail piece.

Create a strong and effective postcard campaign for real estate with these helpful tips.