News on best practices for your postcard marketing, digital printing, enterprise direct mail, and real estate marketing campaigns.
example arketing flyer used for brand awareness
In a digital media saturated world, learn 4 ways that printed marketing flyers can help you effectively build the brand of your small business or organization.
map locations of mailing addresses
If you’re just starting out with your direct mail campaigns, the first step is to secure a good mailing list. There are several different ways to start your list -- both free and paid.
luxury house on sale
And how it differs from marketing traditional properties

From calling attention to special features about the neighborhood to emphasizing value inside the home, there are many ways to convey the upscale nature of a luxury property in a customized postcard. Read on to learn how to effectively market luxury real estate.

real estate farming guide agents realtors and brokers
There is a reason real estate professionals include real estate farming as part of their marketing efforts: it works. Find out how to start farming your own neighborhoods.
stack of binders with information on the most important real estate farming materials
Find out which physical materials are the most crucial part of your neighborhood farming marketing strategy, making them necessary for establishing yourself and building brand recognition over time.
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Building your brand and getting your name in front of the right people takes time. Here are six of the best, time-tested marketing ideas to bring consistent growth to your real estate business.
Travis Saxton QuantumDigital the Real Estate Dish
Join QuantumDigital’s EVP and CMO Eric Cosway as he gets the latest dish on real estate trends and technology with Travis Saxton, SVP of Technology Consulting for T3 Sixty.
real estate postcard marketing tips and tricks keys on keyboard
As winter comes to a close, so does the lull in the residential real estate market. There are plenty of marketing tactics to seize the opportunity to sell in your targeted neighborhoods through direct mail this spring, and we’ve selected the 10 that add the most value to inspire your next campaign.
Phyllis Brookshire, President of Allen Tate, REALTORS®
Join QuantumDigital’s EVP and CMO Eric Cosway as he gets the latest dish on real estate trends and technology with Phyllis Brookshire, President of Allen Tate, REALTORS®.
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Whether you’re just starting out as a real estate agent or you’ve been doing this for a while, it’s helpful to have a handful of go-to resources to refer to as you search for both fresh marketing ideas and tried-and-true ways to reach prospects and grow your business. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 posts of all time.