News on best practices for your postcard marketing, digital printing, enterprise direct mail, and real estate marketing campaigns.
banner image the ultimate real estate marketing recipe: your guide to delicious warm leads
Mixing It All Together For Better Results

Learn how the right mix of real estate marketing tactics direct mail marketing postcards, social media, and email help top-performing agents generate listing leads.

QuantumDigital Featured on KEYE's We Are Austin
CMO Eric Cosway and COO Freddie Baird Discuss QuantumDigital's Service Culture

QuantumDigital was recognized for its community-minded values in a recent interview with KEYE's We Are Austin.

skelton key with a house on the end
Learn how to use postcards to get the word out about open houses, new listings, and sold homes

Neighborhood marketing is a must for real estate agents. In addition to face-to-face communications, another effective strategy is to consistently touch base via just listed and just sold real estate postcards.

farming a neighborhood with direct mail marketing
Utilizing a Mix of Realtor Farming Postcards and Online Tools

You’re likely not the only real estate agent who wants a piece of your favorite neighborhood, so you need to make sure you stand out from the others. Real estate farming postcards and flyers will get you noticed, so you can own the neighborhood or community of your choosing.

combining direct mail and social media into a single marketing campaign
Inexpensive strategies that work

Research shows that customers who interact with a brand across multiple types of media spend 30% more than average.

realtor using direct mail marketing to establish her brand
Learn how to make the most of your direct mail campaign

Learn how you can use direct mail postcards to generate leads and sales for your real estate business.

real estate agent taking pictures of a new home listing
Because a picture's worth a thousand words

Sometimes a quick photo with your smartphone will have to do as a busy real estate agent. These tips will help those point-and-shoot photos look stylish, professional and appealing for prospective buyers.

just listed and just sold for sale signs
Build trust by sharing your success

Real estate professionals find success by promoting recently listed homes with direct mail marketing. Try continuing your campaign by showing off your sold homes as well, which will give credibility to your results.

Q&A with Real Estate One REALTOR® Vance Shutes

As part of our REALTOR® Spotlight Q&A series, we feature Vance Shutes as he answers questions to provide some insight on how he maintains a successful real estate business. Read tips like how he uses direct mail postcards for lead generation as well as hosts a blog on his website. 

home owner scanning a qr code on a postcard
There's a use for those pixelated boxes you've seen around

If you have a tech saavy audience, using QR codes can make it easy for them to visit your website, view a video, or many other possibilites. Instead of typing a long website address, you offer them a convient way to connect to online resources from your direct mail pieces.