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hero images about Boosting a Post vs. Facebook Ads for Real Estate Pros

Ever wonder why you see some Facebook posts and advertisements frequently and never see others? When sharing real estate updates with your followers, it can be frustrating when you discover the posts are not making it to everyone's newsfeeds. And how can you reach people who haven't heard of you yet? Whether you're wanting to increase likes on a particular update or increase overall likes of your page, Facebook offers paid tools to help. Here are two ways you can make yourself more visible to your existing followers and prospects. A small budget can go a long way, so read more to find out where to start! 

a successful real estate agent talking on the phone with a prospect
How to take your real estate career to the next level

Once you've made it as a successful real estate agent, knowing what your next goal is and having the right resources to get you there is how you maintain your competitive position in the market.

banner image The Facebook Quick-Start Guide for Real Estate Pros
Learn How to Aquire and Nurture Real Estate Leads Using Facebook
Learn how to get started with real estate Facebook Ads, save time, and even integrate your just listed and just sold campaigns so you can spread the word faster. 
young real estate agent getting started in the business
Real estate brokers need to make a adjustments to attract new millennial agents to ultimately get millennial buyers and sellers. 
banner image The Real Estate Dish: 20 Minutes with The Keyes Company's Paula Renaldo
Real estate rebranding and tech tools insights from The Keyes Company's Millennial CMO
The Keyes Company's CMO Paula Renaldo talks with QuantumDigital EVP and CMO Eric Cosway about the 90-year-old company's 2016 rebranding effort and agent technology tool adoption.
baby boomer lady getting direct mail marketing campaign
Postcards aren't dead
In this article published on Inman, Eric Cosway explains the benefits of marketing to baby boomers using direct mail and how to make the campaign most effective.
real estate brokers discussing New Tools for their agents
How to Promote Real Estate Team Success
Real estate brokers can use these 4 tips to improve utilization when introducting new marketing automation tools to your real estate agents.
banner image The Real Estate Dish: 15 Minutes with Inman's Amber Taufen
Get a Unique Perspective on Real Estate Industry Trends from Inman's Editor in Chief

Inman's Editor in Chief, Amber Taufen, talks with QuantumDigital EVP and CMO Eric Cosway about her unique perspective on the latest real estate industry trends.

how to Engage Your Sphere of Influence
Finding a sweet spot with consistent communication, relevant information, and authenticity
Eric Cosway, EVP and CMO, QuantumDigital describes best practices when working to engage your sphere of influence through online and offline marketing channels.
real estate agent using technology to help create more time for face to face meetings
Top real estate agents know where to invest to get more done
Top real estate agents use technology, like marketing automation, to minimize the time and effort spent on lead generation so they can better serve their clients.