News on best practices for your postcard marketing, digital printing, enterprise direct mail, and real estate marketing campaigns.
how to Engage Your Sphere of Influence
Finding a sweet spot with consistent communication, relevant information, and authenticity

Eric Cosway, EVP and CMO, QuantumDigital describes best practices when working to engage your sphere of influence through online and offline marketing channels.

real estate agent using technology to help create more time for face to face meetings
Top real estate agents know where to invest to get more done

Top real estate agents use technology, like marketing automation, to minimize the time and effort spent on lead generation so they can better serve their clients. 

banner image The Real Estate Dish: 30 Minutes with RE/MAX's Mike Reagan
Cause Marketing and Global Real Estate Branding Insights from RE/MAX Senior VP of Business Alliances

RE/MAX Senior VP of Business Alliances Mike Reagan talks with QuantumDigital EVP and CMO Eric Cosway about cause marketing and global real estate branding.

busy real estate agent neglecting her Real Estate Brand
Brand Consistency is Essential in Generating Seller Listing Leads

Even during the busy season, top real estate professionals know to keep an eye on these key areas of their brand in order to generate seller listing leads year-round.

banner image The Real Estate Dish: 20 Minutes with First Weber's Tamara Maddente
First Weber EVP Tamara Maddente's Real Estate Branding and 2016 Recruiting Tips

First Weber EVP Tamara Maddente talks with QuantumDigital EVP and CMO Eric Cosway about real estate branding and 2016 real estate agent recruiting.

real estate farming quick start guide
How to Identify and Own Your Target Neighborhoods

This quick-start guide to real estate farming covers how to begin your farming campaign, how to maintain successful techniques such as direct mail, and more.

banner image The Real Estate Dish: 15 Minutes with Inman's Morgan Brown
Inman COO Morgan Brown's View on 2016 Real Estate Technology Trends

Inman COO Morgan Brown talks with QuantumDigital EVP and CMO Eric Cosway about 2016 real estate technology trends.

Real Estate Postcard Farming with Online Lead Tracking

Consistent real estate farming is fast and easy with AutoMail and AutoMail Plus. You can schedule an entire year’s worth of targeted neighborhood postcards, designed to help you stay top of mind and generate more listing leads.

real estate brokerage agents marketing as a team

A trending practice in real estate has been for top real estate agents to create teams to ease their demanding schedules and increasing pressure. The team can be made up of one agent and his or her support staff, or it can be a team of agents and their supporting staff that make the brand a success. There are many benefits to this system because it utilizes the strengths of the various members of the team, but to work as one unit both fairly and successfully takes foresight and strategy. From how to share clients to marketing as a group rather than a solo agent, we have put together a few suggestions on how to implement a team structure and manage it to thrive. 

housing market with arrow graphic in the background going up

As we mentioned in a previous blog, real estate experts are reporting that the U.S. housing market is trending to be more balanced and normalized for both buyers and sellers. Though not all areas are free from remnants of the recession or unemployment rates, there are select markets predicted to be successful outliers this year.