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Quick-Start Guide to Real Estate Farming

Mar 25, 2016   •   3 min read   •   Real Estate

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned professional, real estate farming is foundational to generating a consistent pool of leads. We’ve curated a list of our most popular posts on the subject to create this quick-start guide to real estate farming. The guide covers how to begin your farming campaign, how to maintain successful techniques with minimal effort, and more.

Get Started with Real Estate Farming

When starting out, it’s important to narrow your target market. Start by identifying the characteristics of buyers and sellers you want to work with and the neighborhoods in which you have the best chance to stand out from your competition. Check out this post to learn more about how to pick your farming area:

Tips for Choosing Your Farming Area
Grow your audience with targeted direct mail marketing


Build Your Brand and Establish Credibility

While farming is an effective technique to establish a consistent brand presence in your target area, it can be time consuming without the right marketing tools. A direct mail postcard campaign is one way to ensure your message regularly reaches your target audience of influencers and prospects, opening the door to face-to-face conversations. Read more about how a direct mail postcard farming campaign can help establish credibility for your real estate brand in an efficient manner:

Create a Real Estate Farming Area Using Postcards
Create a Farming Area and Become a Trusted Neighborhood Expert


Own a Neighborhood

Once you’ve committed to your farming area, you’ll want to use a multi-media marketing approach that utilizes both online and offline channels. From establishing a recognizable brand image to creating targeted social media posts, you could be the go-to expert in your target neighborhood quickly and easily by following the tips in this post:

Own a Community: A Realtor’s Comprehensive Guide to Neighborhood Farming
Utilizing a Mix of Realtor Farming Postcards and Online Tools


Maintain Brand Awareness

Lastly, consistency is a must. Now that you’ve invested in building a brand presence within your farming area, you’ll want to keep up the momentum. At this point, you’ve generated interest that has increased the time you’re spending out in the field. To help you save even more time for in-person relationship development, there are automated tools available that help agents regularly touch base so you stay top of mind with those in your farming area. Read more about one of the tools available to make your job as a busy real estate agent easier:

Why Should You Use AutoMail For Real Estate Postcard Farming
Find out how you can automate an entire year's worth of mailings

Drive Prospects Online with Direct Mail

In addition to AutoMail, QuantumDigital has recently launched AutoMail Plus which combines your monthly postcard farming with online lead tracking. Each postcard features a free online market report that drives your prospects online and delivers warm leads straight to your inbox.

Boost Your Leads with AutoMail Plus

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