Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Case Study

Doing More Direct Mail Better and Faster

Michelin Tire Dealers
“The Michelin direct mail solution was easy to use and very effective. I could have easily sold more tires if Michelin would have had them on hand. I sold almost 200 sets of 4 tires because of a recent mailing, the response was overwhelming.”
Rusty Moss, Michelin Tire Retailer, Georgia Tire Co

Integrated with QuantumDigital’s direct mail platform, the Michelin Ad Express (MAX) Ad Builder provides Michelin dealers with a simple one-stop direct mail order fulfillment process. The key requirements of the system were:

  • Be easy to use
  • Process co-op and joint marketing funds on the fly
  • Provide full consumer lists with advanced demographics
  • Have real-time reporting
  • Be fast (next business day turnaround on all orders)

The system hosts approved dealer and corporate branded direct mailers and other marketing materials for the dealers to execute within their local markets. The dealers can choose from a variety of “demographic selects” that help them target specific messages and promotions within their trade areas. All the campaigns are managed and tracked from a single system to increase the speed of the dealer field marketing efforts. The system also provides the dealers with the flexibility to either pay part or all using Co-op/AMF funds and/or their credit cards.

Designed to support the entire Michelin field marketing efforts, it provides the dealers with fast, actionable direct mail campaigns. This custom solution keeps the local retailer marketing on schedule and organized from start to finish.