Franchise Direct Mail Marketing Case Study

Transforming Franchise Direct Mail Marketing

Sylvan Learning, Inc.
“We needed a direct mail program our franchise operators could customize and distribute on demand. Exceptional customer support, 24-hour turn times and flexible technology is a must for our franchisees.”
Sara Costello, Senior Director Relationship Marketing, Sylvan Learning, Inc.

Sylvan Learning needed a new direct marketing platform for their 1,100 and growing franchisee base. The company used an offset commercial print operation that was no longer able to meet the needs of the Sylvan franchisees. Poor response times, outdated inventories of print materials and franchisee frustration resulted in a significant drop in the direct mail volume. According to Sara Costello, Senior Director Relationship Marketing at Sylvan, limited ability to customize direct mail pieces and a lack of dedicated customer support also added to the decline in direct mail volume.

Sylvan Learning contracted QuantumDigital to implement a flexible web-to-print direct marketing solution. As part of the initial discovery sessions, Sylvan franchisees participated in a number of surveys in order to create a system that was customized for them. As a result, Sylvan now has the ability to provide branded marketing collateral to their franchisees through a branded web portal, called the 1:1 Direct Mail Service Bureau. With the old system, the franchisees could not easily tailor, customize and personalize their messages for their local markets. The new online system provides each franchisee with this new functionality. They simply select the direct marketing piece they need, personalize their message, select their mailing list and their marketing pieces are in the mail the next business day. The web-to-print solution provides flexibility at the local level, but allows Sylvan Learning to protect their overall brand integrity.