Fitness Club Direct Mail Marketing Case Study

Pinpoint Direct Mail Targeting With Speed

24 Hour Fitness
“Partnering with QuantumDigital will allow us to move from a manual direct mail process to one that is not only automated, but personalized as well. We are excited to reduce production time from two to three weeks to two to three days and look forward to further incorporation of the latest targeting and list technologies, that QuantumDigital brings to the table.”
Brandie Stephan, Group Account Director, TracyLocke

Partnering with the TracyLocke Ad Agency, QuantumDigital provides 24 Hour Fitness with a comprehensive direct mail, consumer list provisioning and post-mail campaign matchback process for the execution of all new customer acquisition, cancelled members, new club openings and missed guests direct mail postcards. This service includes creating and mailing postcards, consumer list segmentation (by club), and response/data matchback analysis, which is used by TracyLocke to do in-depth campaign analysis for the 24 Hour field marketing team 24 Hour Fitness chose QuantumDigital because of its set of robust capabilities. Their requirements for a direct mail marketing partner included:

  • A turnkey solution to remove the complexity of multi-location mail execution and post campaign analysis.
  • A proven track record of executing complex matchback analysis within days of each campaign cycle.
  • Capabilities to print and mail within a rapid turnaround window (example: 24 hours)
  • A strong and integrated working relationship with the TracyLocke agency account team
  • Strong project management office to oversee the entire monthly mailing program
  • Rigorous QA process checks to ensure the data, creative, production was completed as required by both TracyLocke and the 24 Hour Fitness teams