Telecommunications Direct Mail Marketing Case Study

“The postcard on demand program is an excellent tool that I use for reaching my customers. I sent out 200 cards, days later my phone was ringing off the hook. My planner was filled with 12 new appointments...I am thrilled to say that I turned all those calls into actual sales. This program is quick and easy to use.”
AT&T, Sales Representative.

The AT&T “Real Yellow Pages®” sales staff needed more effective ways (beyond the traditional phone calls) to follow up with prospects, confirm scheduled appointments, and thank clients for their recent purchases. The existing print on demand direct marketing program was difficult work with, complex to administer, and slow. It was not uncommon for sales follow-up postcards to take 2 to 3 weeks to get sent out.

The AT&T direct mail program has unique advantages over its traditional communication channels. Direct mail marketing has proven itself because it is:

  • Targetable - mail can be sent to a list of existing customers and sales prospects within the salesperson area at any given time in the sales or follow-up process
  • Interactive – the sales person can follow-up phone calls, voice messages and emails with a variety of real time messages
  • Personal – the sales person can customize the templated messages and add valuable context to personalize each and every customer interaction
  • Measurable – the direct mail results can be quantified and measured accurately and quickly by call backs and promotional sign-ups.

This solution has proven to be an effective communication tool that continues to help the AT&T sales force stand out and outsmart the competition. For AT&T, PODS continues to be a key initiative to not only to improve the customer experience at every touch point, but to continue to simplify and automate the sales process.