Restaurant Direct Mail Marketing Case Study

Faster Direct Mail For Smarter Selling

Pizza Hut Restaurants
“Where big Texas-like service meets technology; that’s how I describe QuantumDigital. Both the sales staff and the service team members have made our ongoing campaign simple to execute. Besides overall speed and print quality, it was the steps that Quantum was willing to take to target our piece that was most exemplary.”
Carol Magazzeni, Director of Marketing & Public Relations, Hallrich Incorporated dba PIZZA HUT

Six large Pizza Hut multi-franchise owners now use QuantumDigital as their direct mail provider. These franchisees include Hallrich Incorporated, PAC Pizza Hut Franchise Group, McKinney Pizza Partners, Restaurant Management Company (RMC) of Wichita, Aurora Huts LLC, and High Plains Pizza. These franchisees are direct mail campaigns with QuantumDigital to meet a variety of business goals, including the support of new store grand openings, relocation announcements for existing stores, and general promotional and marketing support.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of Pizza Hut franchise owners gravitate towards our high level of customer support, our turnkey process, and ultimately our speed,” said Eric Cosway, EVP and CMO, QuantumDigital. “These franchisees run multiple retail store locations, typically with a small staff. We have enjoyed seeing how after transitioning to our platform, they are now able to easily run repetitive and systematic direct mail campaigns in support of their growth objectives with very little staff time and energy required.”

QuantumDigital's direct mail marketing technology platform allows clients like Pizza Hut franchisees and other multi-location franchise owners to target ideal prospective customers. QuantumDigital’s proprietary platform makes the complex simple, with technologies designed to streamline direct marketing production, enhance campaign performance, and deliver actionable response metrics.