Direct Mail Marketing Case Study

Targeted Direct Mail Postcards are Reshaping the Future of Neighborhood Direct Mail

Bath Fitter
“Using QuantumDigital’s home services NeighborMail® solution, Bath Fitter® is able to quickly-execute direct mail around current & past job sites, target homes of “similar age & value” and personalize individual mailers for each neighbor. Relevant and well timed neighborhood offers are smart marketing techniques that will provide us with a brand and credibility advantage over our competition.”
Kim Klein, Marketing Manager, Bath Fitter.

For the Bath Fitters (home service contractor), the highest quality leads are typically the “actual homeowners” who live nearby previous job sites and current projects. The QuantumDigital Home Services NeighborMail program builds upon Bath Fitter’s reputation in the local neighborhood but takes it one step further. Using a weekly completed job address list, we automatically mail impactful, oversized-postcards personalized to the neighbors living in homes of similar age and value. This level of proximity targeting helps make the Bath Fitter offers more compelling and relevant.

QuantumDigital’s NeighborMail® solution makes a complex process simple, with technologies designed to streamline direct marketing production, enhance campaign performance, and deliver actionable response metrics.

“As a company in the home services space, Bath Fitter has a huge opportunity to own the neighborhoods they serve,” said Eric Cosway, EVP and CMO, QuantumDigital. “Targeted direct mail marketing is a great way to start a dialogue with prospective customers who live near their completed remodels. By marketing to their customers’ neighbors, they are harnessing a type of ‘social proof’ marketing to establish a level of trust and credibility for the brand.”