Don't have a graphic artist on staff to help you design your print marketing campaigns? Quantum Digital provides hints and examples on how to visually engage potential and past clients as well as provide proven templates to get you started right away.

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real estate agent handing a customer a business card from QuantumDigital

In real estate, a big part of your success relies on networking and building your sphere of influence for referrals and leads. Having your business card on hand at all times is critical in order to build new relationships and be remembered by your acquaintances.

Learn how our business card printing service helps you always be prepared to make the best first impression.

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man on phone looking up Postcard Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Since there is no one perfect communication vehicle, it’s nice to connect with your sphere of influence in a multitude of ways so they can choose the one that best works for them. Here are four different ways to stay in touch.

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direct mail from real estate agents to home buyers
Learn the method behind the format of our automated lead generation program

With TriggerMarketing, it becomes significantly easier – and much less hands on – to market new properties as they come onto the market. Tools like QR codes and personalized URLs make it easy for you to track prospects as they respond. 

Read on to learn more about how your real estate postcards are designed and formatted in a TriggerMarketing campaign. 

TriggerMarketing® just got even better with new features requested by realtors

At QuantumDigital, we’re all about making real estate marketing fast and easy. Recently, we’ve added some new features to our popular TriggerMarketing program designed for just listed and just sold postcard marketing.