It's common to schedule your social media and blog posts in advance. Now you can do the same thing with your direct mail using Quantum Digital's AutoMail system.

stack of binders with information on the most important real estate farming materials
Find out which physical materials are the most crucial part of your neighborhood farming marketing strategy, making them necessary for establishing yourself and building brand recognition over time.
positive real estate agent reviews and testimonials
Testimonials, or client feedback on your performance as an agent, may be one of the most critical elements of your business. These testimonials can make or break your success. According to the Zillow Group 2018 Consumer Housing Trends Report, reviews are particularly important for younger buyers: 57% of Gen Z buyers, 48% of millennials and 46% of Gen X buyers who use an agent rank online reviews as very or extremely important.
Five Holiday Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Agents
The holiday season is upon us, and planning starts now. As a real estate agent, you can build relationships with prospects in the neighborhood, as well as current and future clients, by tapping into the season while it's top-of-mind.
real estate agent conducting follow-up online

What’s the name of the game in sales? Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up! It's is an especially important tactic in real estate, which is often a long game that may take several years to cultivate leads before they eventually come to fruition — both buying and selling a home are major, life-changing decisions in many cases, after all.

Building a Great Real Estate Instagram Profile
Recent reports show that Instagram has 1 billion active users. And 83% of those users say they discover new products and services on Instagram.
pool during the Summertime Moving Season

With the slower summer months comes the most popular time of year for many homeowners or renters to relocate. And as a real estate agent, you should see this time of year as a major opportunity! Follow these tips to successfully convert prospects and build your business during the advantageous summer moving season.

A real estate agent Staying in Touch with Buyers & Sellers After Business Has Closed
And Why It’s Important

In real estate, it’s often all about farming for new business from those buyers and sellers you’ve never worked with before. But did you know that 74% of buyers and 69% of sellers would use their agent again or recommend their agent to others? That’s a BIG opportunity to cultivate meaningful, genuine relationships with those you’ve already worked with. Authentic relationship-building is definitely a long game, but it’s one that will pay dividends.

real estate agent giving a house image to a buyer
Trust Us… It’s Something You Want to Do

Many agents are interested in customer relationship management (CRM) and how to either implement it or better utilize their current software as part of an overall real estate marketing strategy. If you aren’t riding the CRM bandwagon, it’s time to hop on! The time and dollar investment in CRM has proven to be well worth it. According to one analysis, the average return for CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent, a continued trend of increasing return since 2011.

How to Effectively Grow Your Real Estate Busines

At some point in your career as a real estate agent, you’re going to enter into a somewhat unknown market or neighborhood with prospects that may have never seen your face or heard of your name. How can you engage with that new audience and get new listings without them first knowing who you are?

The answer is -- you can't! Real estate marketing is crucial to building your business. Potential clients have to get to know you before ultimately turning to you as their advocate when they make the decision to buy or sell a home.

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The applications and platforms that will streamline your day and make you more productive.