It's common to schedule your social media and blog posts in advance. Now you can do the same thing with your direct mail using Quantum Digital's AutoMail system.

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We’re all busy. Real estate agents, certainly, have a lot to keep up with, including work with current clients as well as maintaining relationships with prospects. As your real estate business grows, it’s important to streamline important but time-consuming or tedious tasks wherever possible. And in 2019, marketing automation will be more important than ever. 

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How to Promote Real Estate Team Success

Real estate brokers can use these 4 tips to improve utilization when introducting new marketing automation tools to your real estate agents.

real estate agent using technology to help create more time for face to face meetings
Top real estate agents know where to invest to get more done

Top real estate agents use technology, like marketing automation, to minimize the time and effort spent on lead generation so they can better serve their clients. 

Real Estate Postcard Farming with Online Lead Tracking

Consistent real estate farming is fast and easy with AutoMail and AutoMail Plus. You can schedule an entire year’s worth of targeted neighborhood postcards, designed to help you stay top of mind and generate more listing leads.

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Find out how you can automate an entire year's worth of mailings

QuantumDigital makes direct mail postcard marketing simple for the busy real estate industry. Learn more about AutoMail and take the headache out of your frequent mailings.

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Since there is no one perfect communication vehicle, it’s nice to connect with your sphere of influence in a multitude of ways so they can choose the one that best works for them. Here are four different ways to stay in touch.

Learn how you can connect with your farming lists consistently and easily with the help of AutoMail.

do it yourself direct mail marketing vs automated direct mail marketing

Is your direct mail marketing starting to produce a steady stream of leads, inquiries and sales? As the positive effects of your campaign grow, it’s important that you use your time productively to maximize your earnings from direct mail.

As a realtor, your time is valuable. The time that you spend on preparing your monthly mail campaign, including design and postcard printing, could be better spent working with a new prospect or closing a sale.

Here we’ll look at the advantages of automating your real estate direct mail marketing using a service like AutoMail and compare an automated campaign to a DIY direct mail campaign.