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Discover how direct mail marketing can effectively bring in quality leads that help you grow your business. QuantumDigital's Automail and TriggerMarketing systems can help you create custom lead generation campaigns that are efficient and cost effective.

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Get your digital world in order!
It's the time of year for decluttering, organizing and starting anew, but have you thought about spring cleaning your digital life?
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Understand Your Market for Successful Real Estate Lead Generation in 2016

By having a better understanding of the real estate landscape for 2016 and generationally-based consumer motivations, realtors will be more able to cater their marketing messages to best relate to the concerns and wants of their farming area. With the 2016 forecast showing an increasing amount of U.S. homeowners looking to make their next move, demonstrating an understanding through targeted direct mail messaging can help to move prospects through the sales cycle faster. 

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Targeted Direct Mail Brings Leads delivered directly to you
Learn how to segment and target sellers with real estate postcards

Today, realtors have a huge variety of marketing channels at their disposal to use for lead generation. There’s email marketing, Adwords, Facebook Ads, TV spots, and even radio.

While each of these marketing channels have advantages, they’re rarely the most effective way to generate seller leads. Direct mail – in particular, a highly targeted direct mail campaign – is the most affordable and effective way to get seller leads.

Learn four tips that you can use to reach sellers, prompt them to take action and respond to your real estate postcard, and build a valuable source of seller leads for your real estate business