Mapmail is QuantumDigital's custom direct mail system gives you the ability to create a highly targeted campaign as easily as looking at a map. Without much research or time spent, you’re able to define a set of potential buyers or sellers within a particular area and deliver direct mail that is relevant and timely.

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pin on a map to demonstrate quantumdigital mapmail
How to increase response rates and generate more leads

MapMail allows real estate (or any!) professionals to send targeted direct mail solutions to a defined area so that you can target the neighbors of your listings, and potentially get people who have never considered selling or purchasing a new home to begin considering it. Learn how you can reduce waste, increase response, and generate more leads with MapMail.

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computer used to create direct mail campaigns for real estate agents
Learn how targeting the right recipients for your custom postcards can result in a better ROI

Targeting your direct mail postcards for real estate can boost response rates, generate new leads, & encourage recipients to act on your offer. Quickly & easily personalize your real estate postcards mailing list.