marketing ideas

Trying to find new ideas on how to best market your business or services? Quantum Digital's clients have displayed some creativity in how they approach their own marketing. Use their experiences to come up with your own ideas.

stack of binders with information on the most important real estate farming materials

Find out which physical materials are the most crucial part of your neighborhood farming marketing strategy, making them necessary for establishing yourself and building brand recognition over time.

real estate agent giving a house image to a buyer
Trust Us… It’s Something You Want to Do

If you aren’t riding the CRM bandwagon, it’s time to hop on! The time and dollar investment in CRM has proven to be well worth it. According to one analysis, the average return for CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent.

interconnected gears demonstrating marketing automation for real estate agents

We’re all busy. Real estate agents, certainly, have a lot to keep up with, including work with current clients as well as maintaining relationships with prospects. As your real estate business grows, it’s important to streamline important but time-consuming or tedious tasks wherever possible. And in 2019, marketing automation will be more important than ever. 

spelling "brand" with lettered blocks to reinforce Your Brand Promise in Real Estate Marketing

Marketing as a discipline has continued to increase in complexity -- with a myriad of both digital and offline channels, it takes a multitude of touches to make a sale. Consistent communication is the key to converting a casual consumer into a viable sales lead, and it begins with clearly emphasizing your brand promise.

mail on kitchen table with many direct mail marketing flyers

Real estate marketing is not an overnight initiative. Consistency, relevancy, repetition and time are needed to complete a successful direct mail farming campaign. But what do you do when you’re concerned your investment is no longer fruitful?

infinity pool at a luxury real estate property
How to reach and attract High Net Worth Individuals

Real estate marketing agents who currently work with luxury listings or want to start specializing in this area know that it exists in a league of its own. Agents that want to effectively gain leads for luxury housing must practice a combination of skills and relationship nuturing that begins with understanding the mindset of HNWIs.

picture of new home buyers with a photo of their new house
Direct Mail Marketing May Be the Key to Reach Millennials

The real estate business has been driven by referral for generations, but wholly relying on referral might be a problematic idea. You still need to acquire new customers through traditional marketing, ideally provide them with quality service, and watch them become your brand ambassadors in the future. However, if you’re only relying on referrals, and various friend groups/connections of your pre-existing clients aren’t in the market to buy or sell you’ll take a personal financial hit. That’s why a good marketing mix is crucial.

But, it’s a different marketing picture out there today, for two major reasons.

on time and on target with real estate marketing techniques
A great way to optimize your real estate marketing

Real estate agents who want to optimize their marketing will use both real time and right time marketing techniques to nurture relationships with existing clients and connect with prospects.

real estate agent selling his own value to a prospective customer

Learn how you can highlight the valuable skills and knowledge to better compete with other real estate agents in your market. 

smart home central digital panel
What Real Estate Agents Need to Know

Smart home technology is an emerging trend that real estate agents can leverage in the home selling process.