marketing ideas

Trying to find new ideas on how to best market your business or services? Quantum Digital's clients have displayed some creativity in how they approach their own marketing. Use their experiences to come up with your own ideas.

banner image using facebook to attract new leads

Target new real estate leads through Facebook's Ad Manager & track the campaigns success through Facebook Ad Reports. Check out QuantumDigital's infographic to hit the Facebook marketing bullseye.

banner image The Facebook Quick-Start Guide for Real Estate Pros
Learn How to Aquire and Nurture Real Estate Leads Using Facebook

Learn how to get started with real estate Facebook Ads, save time, and even integrate your just listed and just sold campaigns so you can spread the word faster. 

banner image the ultimate real estate marketing recipe: your guide to delicious warm leads
Mixing It All Together For Better Results

Learn how the right mix of real estate marketing tactics direct mail marketing postcards, social media, and email help top-performing agents generate listing leads.

home owner scanning a qr code on a postcard
There's a use for those pixelated boxes you've seen around

If you have a tech saavy audience, using QR codes can make it easy for them to visit your website, view a video, or many other possibilites. Instead of typing a long website address, you offer them a convient way to connect to online resources from your direct mail pieces. 

using pinterest to showcase real estate properties

Learn how Pinterest can help you market your real estate business & highlight your niche market with this tip brought to you by DMR.

small town main street
Utilize the size of your community to benefit your business

Small town direct mail is a great way to generate leads and close sales as a realtor or real estate broker. Discover the four ways that you can put direct mail to work to promote your real estate agency in your town.

home improvement contractor doing his job and thinking about Direct Mail Marketing for his business

Professionals conducting most of their business away from the office can take advantage of direct mail to kick start their home improvement marketing & advertising to attract new business.

mass marketing vs personal marketing

New technology allows you to create personalized direct mail marketing campaigns for each person in your direct mailing lists. Don't believe us? Check this out.