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People aren't static, and neither is your marketing program. Read about the latest marketing trends to ensure your marketing program continues to work well over time.

thumbs up thumbs down 10 Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make When Creating Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is an incredibly powerful platform for real estate marketing due to reach alone. Discover the ten most common real estate facebook ads errors made by agents and how to avoid them.

picture of new home buyers with a photo of their new house
Direct Mail Marketing May Be the Key to Reach Millennials

The real estate business has been driven by referral for generations, but wholly relying on referral might be a problematic idea. You still need to acquire new customers through traditional marketing, ideally provide them with quality service, and watch them become your brand ambassadors in the future. However, if you’re only relying on referrals, and various friend groups/connections of your pre-existing clients aren’t in the market to buy or sell you’ll take a personal financial hit. That’s why a good marketing mix is crucial.

But, it’s a different marketing picture out there today, for two major reasons.

on time and on target with real estate marketing techniques
A great way to optimize your real estate marketing

Real estate agents who want to optimize their marketing will use both real time and right time marketing techniques to nurture relationships with existing clients and connect with prospects.

real estate agent selling his own value to a prospective customer

Learn how you can highlight the valuable skills and knowledge to better compete with other real estate agents in your market. 

real estate agent creating a virtual tour of a property with a video camera
Impress potential buyers and sellers on and offline

3D virtual tours are catching on, and many real estate professionals are adding them to their real estate marketing budgets. Driving traffic to your virtual tour is the only way to maximize your investment.

banner image The Facebook Quick-Start Guide for Real Estate Pros
Learn How to Aquire and Nurture Real Estate Leads Using Facebook

Learn how to get started with real estate Facebook Ads, save time, and even integrate your just listed and just sold campaigns so you can spread the word faster. 

baby boomer lady getting direct mail marketing campaign
Postcards aren't dead

In this article published on Inman, Eric Cosway explains the benefits of marketing to baby boomers using direct mail and how to make the campaign most effective.

real estate agent using technology to help create more time for face to face meetings
Top real estate agents know where to invest to get more done

Top real estate agents use technology, like marketing automation, to minimize the time and effort spent on lead generation so they can better serve their clients. 

real estate brokerage agents marketing as a team

A trending practice in real estate has been for top real estate agents to create teams to ease their demanding schedules and increasing pressure. The team can be made up of one agent and his or her support staff, or it can be a team of agents and their supporting staff that make the brand a success. There are many benefits to this system because it utilizes the strengths of the various members of the team, but to work as one unit both fairly and successfully takes foresight and strategy. From how to share clients to marketing as a group rather than a solo agent, we have put together a few suggestions on how to implement a team structure and manage it to thrive. 

nice home in the country with a for sale sign in front of it
Saving you time so you can achieve your sales goals

With the targeting ability of direct mail marketing, it's easier for real estate agents to attract seller leads. Reach the right people with the right message and do so frequently, and you'll be seen as the home seller's solution.