farming area

A farming area is more than just good acreage. Real estate marketers use this term to describe the act of developing targeted new leads over a period of time. QuantumDigital explains how to set up your own farming area.

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a successful real estate agent talking on the phone with a prospect
How to take your real estate career to the next level

Once you've made it as a successful real estate agent, knowing what your next goal is and having the right resources to get you there is how you maintain your competitive position in the market.

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farm land demonstrating real estate neighborhood farming with direct mail marketing
Grow your audience with targeted direct mail marketing
You grow your clients similarly as you grow plants on a farm. Close attention to your direct mail marketing postcards can be a fruitful endeavor. 
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using direct mail postcard campaigns for neighborhood farming
Create a Farming Area and Become a Trusted Neighborhood Expert
QuantumDigital can show you how to easily setup and run ongoing direct mail postcard campaigns to create your own real estate farming area.