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The real estate profession presents its own unique marketing challenges. Read how to overcome these challenges and discover secrets that seasoned real estate professionals use to build and maintain their customer base.

The Most Important Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents in 2020

If you’re an agent, you likely have some kind of social media presence in your real estate marketing strategy; you just may not be utilizing it to the fullest or spending as much time dedicated to it as you’d like. We’ve compiled a list of a few of the latest best practices to ensure your social media presence is top-notch, elevating your brand and growing your client base.

Steve McKee from McKee Wallwork: QuantumDigital Real Estate Dish

Join QuantumDigital’s Eric Cosway as he gets the latest dish on real estate trends and technology with Steve McKee, Co-Founder of McKee Wallwork + Co.

2020 real estate trends

It’s almost 2020, and we hope you’re as excited as we are to take a deep dive into the real estate trends to keep an eye on next year. We’ve compiled a list of a few of the upcoming market shifts we’re watching closely and how agents can stay on top in light of these trends.

Hassan Riggs from Smart Alto, Real Estate Dish

Join QuantumDigital’s Eric Cosway as he spends 20 minutes getting the latest dish on real estate technology with Hassan Riggs, founder and CEO of Smart Alto.

positive real estate agent reviews and testimonials

Testimonials, or client feedback on your performance as an agent, may be one of the most critical elements of your business. These testimonials can make or break your success. According to the Zillow Group 2018 Consumer Housing Trends Report, reviews are particularly important for younger buyers: 57% of Gen Z buyers, 48% of millennials and 46% of Gen X buyers who use an agent rank online reviews as very or extremely important.

Five Holiday Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Agents

The holiday season is upon us, and planning starts now. As a real estate agent, you can build relationships with prospects in the neighborhood, as well as current and future clients, by tapping into the season while it's top-of-mind.

The Real Estate Dish With David Caveness & QuantumDigital

Join QuantumDigital’s Eric Cosway as he spends 20 minutes getting the latest dish on real estate technology with David Caveness of Carpenter Realtors.

real estate agent conducting follow-up online

What’s the name of the game in sales? Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up! It's is an especially important tactic in real estate, which is often a long game that may take several years to cultivate leads before they eventually come to fruition — both buying and selling a home are major, life-changing decisions in many cases, after all.

Building a Great Real Estate Instagram Profile

Recent reports show that Instagram has 1 billion active users. And 83% of those users say they discover new products and services on Instagram.

banner image The Real Estate Dish: 20 Minutes with Michael McKenna of Weichert Realtors - McKenna & Vane

Join QuantumDigital’s Eric Cosway as he spends 20 minutes getting the latest dish on real estate technology with Weichert, REALTORS® McKenna & Vane