Keeping your marketing efforts relevent in today's environment takes constant research. Read about the most recent trends in direct mail marketing from Quantum Digital.

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2020 real estate trends
It’s almost 2020, and we hope you’re as excited as we are to take a deep dive into the real estate trends to keep an eye on next year. We’ve compiled a list of a few of the upcoming market shifts we’re watching closely and how agents can stay on top in light of these trends.
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Man on phone using QR Code on direct mail marketing Farming postcard

Quick Response Codes (QR codes) -- those machine-readable codes consisting of tiny black and white squares -- have been on the minds of marketers for years. Direct mail postcards and QR codes work well in tandem with one another -- according to Royal Mail, 92 percent of those that receive direct mail are driven to online or digital activity, and 43 percent download content as a result of direct mail.

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texting an Artificial Intelligence on your phone
The Agent’s New Role, and How to Adapt

There are a lot of different opinions out there about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it will affect the real estate market and agent jobs. The technology is certainly disrupting an industry that has traditionally relied heavily on person-to-person interaction. We’ve boiled down some of the most important points to remember as an agent in the AI discussion.

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looking at real estate under a magnifying glass

In the coming year you want to know who’s going to be buying homes, selling home, and how does all of this inform messaging as real estate agents try to market to those buyers and sellers?

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smart home central digital panel
What Real Estate Agents Need to Know
Smart home technology is an emerging trend that real estate agents can leverage in the home selling process.
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banner image The Real Estate Dish: 20 Minutes with Tracey Velt, Editor in Chief at REAL Trends

Eric Cosway interviews Tracey Velt, Editor in Chief at REAL Trends. Tracey is both the writer and editor of REAL Trends real estate blog and also is the editor of LORE Magazine. After years of interviewing expert real estate professionals and sharing their insighful stories, Tracey shares industry success secrets and upcoming trends. 

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young real estate agent getting started in the business
Real estate brokers need to make a adjustments to attract new millennial agents to ultimately get millennial buyers and sellers. 
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banner image The Real Estate Dish: 20 Minutes with The Keyes Company's Paula Renaldo
Real estate rebranding and tech tools insights from The Keyes Company's Millennial CMO
The Keyes Company's CMO Paula Renaldo talks with QuantumDigital EVP and CMO Eric Cosway about the 90-year-old company's 2016 rebranding effort and agent technology tool adoption.
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banner image The Real Estate Dish: 15 Minutes with Inman's Amber Taufen
Get a Unique Perspective on Real Estate Industry Trends from Inman's Editor in Chief

Inman's Editor in Chief, Amber Taufen, talks with QuantumDigital EVP and CMO Eric Cosway about her unique perspective on the latest real estate industry trends.

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banner image The Real Estate Dish: 30 Minutes with RE/MAX's Mike Reagan
Cause Marketing and Global Real Estate Branding Insights from RE/MAX Senior VP of Business Alliances
RE/MAX Senior VP of Business Alliances Mike Reagan talks with QuantumDigital EVP and CMO Eric Cosway about cause marketing and global real estate branding.