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Direct mail marketing may have been around for a while, but statistics show it is still an effective means to increase your customer base, especially among millenials. Quantum Digital can show you how to build your new or existing business with these proven methods.

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In many instances, both. Here’s why.
Find out why you want to use both online and offline marketing not only for major shopping seasons, but for your year-round marketing strategies.
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Selecting a call to action (CTA) is arguably the most important part of any campaign. Here are 4 ideas that will help you craft the best CTA for your direct mail campaigns.
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If you’re just starting out with your direct mail campaigns, the first step is to secure a good mailing list. There are several different ways to start your list -- both free and paid.
How to Effectively Grow Your Real Estate Busines

At some point in your career as a real estate agent, you’re going to enter into a somewhat unknown market or neighborhood with prospects that may have never seen your face or heard of your name. How can you engage with that new audience and get new listings without them first knowing who you are?

The answer is -- you can't! Real estate marketing is crucial to building your business. Potential clients have to get to know you before ultimately turning to you as their advocate when they make the decision to buy or sell a home.

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As the real estate industry continues to embrace digital marketing, from Facebook ad targeting to live videos, blogs to email newsletters, agents have more ways than ever to quickly connect with current clients as well as leads, which begs the question -- is it still worthwhile for agents to invest in direct mail marketing?

nextdoor real estate how agents can break into a neighborhood

To stay relevant and meaningfully engage with prospective clients, it’s important for agents to embrace where their audience is. Nextdoor is one such platform continuing to gain adoption. Here, we’ll explore the pros and cons of business and personal accounts for agents, and how agents can utilize all of Nextdoor’s features to their ultimate advantage when connecting with prospective clients.

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Real estate marketing is not an overnight initiative. Consistency, relevancy, repetition and time are needed to complete a successful direct mail farming campaign. But what do you do when you’re concerned your investment is no longer fruitful?

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Plan now to generate new real estate leads every month

To save time, successful real estate agents know automating their farming, Just Listed / Just Sold campaigns, and Facebook Advertising will help them grow their lead pipeline throughout the year. 

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Postcards aren't dead
In this article published on Inman, Eric Cosway explains the benefits of marketing to baby boomers using direct mail and how to make the campaign most effective.
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How to write engaging direct mail messaging
The more engaging your marketing copy is, the more people will respond to your direct mail campaign.