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interconnected gears demonstrating marketing automation for real estate agents

We’re all busy. Real estate agents, certainly, have a lot to keep up with, including work with current clients as well as maintaining relationships with prospects. As your real estate business grows, it’s important to streamline important but time-consuming or tedious tasks wherever possible. And in 2019, marketing automation will be more important than ever. 

is direct mail still useful for real estate agents

As the real estate industry continues to embrace digital marketing, from Facebook ad targeting to live videos, blogs to email newsletters, agents have more ways than ever to quickly connect with current clients as well as leads, which begs the question -- is it still worthwhile for agents to invest in direct mail marketing?

Tips for Taking Quality Real Estate Marketing Photos

In real estate, an image can make or break a home's likelihood to sell. It's your job to help paint the property in the best light by marketing high-quality, attractive photos. But you don't have to invest in a professional photographer to secure great shots of the home -- real estate photography isn't difficult to do yourself, if you know a few essential tricks.

real estate agent using facebook live streaming

When you think of using video marketing to boost your real estate brand, what emotion comes to mind? Intimidation? Caution? Is video marketing worth the time investment. Are tangible results?

real estate agents can break into a neighborhood with Nextdoor

To stay relevant and meaningfully engage with prospective clients, it’s important for agents to embrace where their audience is. Nextdoor is one such platform continuing to gain adoption. Here, we’ll explore the pros and cons of business and personal accounts for agents, and how agents can utilize all of Nextdoor’s features to their ultimate advantage when connecting with prospective clients.

real estate agent creating a deeper connection with clients
It’s All About Forging Lasting Relationships

One important aspect of marketing yourself as an agent, one that you may not have even considered, is your interpersonal communications with clients -- the way in which you interact with them using verbal and nonverbal cues, whether that’s in-person or on the phone or through email. These interactions can make or break your client relationships and ultimately the probability of a successful listing or home purchase.

offline and online marketing for real estate agents

In the digital age, it can be tempting to solely focus on your online agent presence when marketing your services. But consumers expect consistent digital and offline experiences, and agents that use fully integrated methods like QuantumDigital's TriggerMarketing and TriggerMarketing Social will receive the benefits of interested, diverse leads from multiple channels.

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Direct Mail Marketing & Digital Automation for Real Estate Marketing
For the Trend-Savvy Agent

Are real estate marketing automation systems really worth investing in, or should you stick with your current strategy? As automation and the use of artificial intelligence in real estate becomes more widespread, marketing-minded agents may be considering what the real benefits of its usage are.

spelling "brand" with lettered blocks to reinforce Your Brand Promise in Real Estate Marketing

Marketing as a discipline has continued to increase in complexity -- with a myriad of both digital and offline channels, it takes a multitude of touches to make a sale. Consistent communication is the key to converting a casual consumer into a viable sales lead, and it begins with clearly emphasizing your brand promise.

texting an Artificial Intelligence on your phone
The Agent’s New Role, and How to Adapt

There are a lot of different opinions out there about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it will affect the real estate market and agent jobs. The technology is certainly disrupting an industry that has traditionally relied heavily on person-to-person interaction. We’ve boiled down some of the most important points to remember as an agent in the AI discussion.