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People aren't static, and neither is your marketing program. Read about the latest marketing trends to ensure your marketing program continues to work well over time.

The Most Important Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents in 2020
If you’re an agent, you likely have some kind of social media presence in your real estate marketing strategy; you just may not be utilizing it to the fullest or spending as much time dedicated to it as you’d like. We’ve compiled a list of a few of the latest best practices to ensure your social media presence is top-notch, elevating your brand and growing your client base.
positive real estate agent reviews and testimonials
Testimonials, or client feedback on your performance as an agent, may be one of the most critical elements of your business. These testimonials can make or break your success. According to the Zillow Group 2018 Consumer Housing Trends Report, reviews are particularly important for younger buyers: 57% of Gen Z buyers, 48% of millennials and 46% of Gen X buyers who use an agent rank online reviews as very or extremely important.
A real estate agent Staying in Touch with Buyers & Sellers After Business Has Closed
And Why It’s Important

In real estate, it’s often all about farming for new business from those buyers and sellers you’ve never worked with before. But did you know that 74% of buyers and 69% of sellers would use their agent again or recommend their agent to others? That’s a BIG opportunity to cultivate meaningful, genuine relationships with those you’ve already worked with. Authentic relationship-building is definitely a long game, but it’s one that will pay dividends.

Tips for Taking Quality Real Estate Marketing Photos

In real estate, an image can make or break a home's likelihood to sell. It's your job to help paint the property in the best light by marketing high-quality, attractive photos. But you don't have to invest in a professional photographer to secure great shots of the home -- real estate photography isn't difficult to do yourself, if you know a few essential tricks.

real estate agent greeting visitors during an open house

The open house is a long-standing real estate tradition. While agents are divided on its usefulness in closing a home in and of itself, there’s no doubt that more visibility for a home is always of benefit. For the most impact, combine online strategies with offline marketing to create multiple opportunities to connect with potential buyers and sellers.

Direct Mail Marketing & Digital Automation for Real Estate Marketing
For the Trend-Savvy Agent

Are real estate marketing automation systems really worth investing in, or should you stick with your current strategy? As automation and the use of artificial intelligence in real estate becomes more widespread, marketing-minded agents may be considering what the real benefits of its usage are.

spelling "brand" with lettered blocks to reinforce Your Brand Promise in Real Estate Marketing

Marketing as a discipline has continued to increase in complexity -- with a myriad of both digital and offline channels, it takes a multitude of touches to make a sale. Consistent communication is the key to converting a casual consumer into a viable sales lead, and it begins with clearly emphasizing your brand promise.

looking at real estate under a magnifying glass

In the coming year you want to know who’s going to be buying homes, selling home, and how does all of this inform messaging as real estate agents try to market to those buyers and sellers?

mail on kitchen table with many direct mail marketing flyers

Real estate marketing is not an overnight initiative. Consistency, relevancy, repetition and time are needed to complete a successful direct mail farming campaign. But what do you do when you’re concerned your investment is no longer fruitful?

infinity pool at a luxury real estate property
How to reach and attract High Net Worth Individuals

Real estate marketing agents who currently work with luxury listings or want to start specializing in this area know that it exists in a league of its own. Agents that want to effectively gain leads for luxury housing must practice a combination of skills and relationship nuturing that begins with understanding the mindset of HNWIs.