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House for sale
Learn how photography, paper stock, and design elements can make or break your success in selling a luxury listing

When you buy a luxury product, it’s not just the product itself that’s higher quality than its lower-priced competitors, but the packaging, the store that you purchase it from, and the experience itself.

Discover three factors that you should keep in mind when designing and printing real estate direct mail pieces and other marketing materials for luxury properties.


plan a vs plan b: testing your direct mail marketing postcards first
How A/B testing can drive more responses and increase your ROI

Testing your postcard campaign is the best way to ensure your messaging is being interpreted the way you want, and producing great results. Here's a quick tip on how to implement A/B testing into your next real estate postcard campaign. 

do it yourself direct mail marketing vs automated direct mail marketing

Is your direct mail marketing starting to produce a steady stream of leads, inquiries and sales? As the positive effects of your campaign grow, it’s important that you use your time productively to maximize your earnings from direct mail.

As a realtor, your time is valuable. The time that you spend on preparing your monthly mail campaign, including design and postcard printing, could be better spent working with a new prospect or closing a sale.

Here we’ll look at the advantages of automating your real estate direct mail marketing using a service like AutoMail and compare an automated campaign to a DIY direct mail campaign.

integrating many different methods into your marketing

Eric Cosway, EVP and CMO of QuantumDigital, shares the importance of optimizing direct mail postcards for realtors by pointing receipents to engage with them on social media platforms.

woman receiving her direct mail marketing campaign in march

March is a great month for realtors and real estate brokers. With winter nearing its end and the spring just about to begin, people are spending more time considering how a new home could help them better enjoy the outdoors

computer used to create direct mail campaigns for real estate agents
Learn how targeting the right recipients for your custom postcards can result in a better ROI

Targeting your direct mail postcards for real estate can boost response rates, generate new leads, & encourage recipients to act on your offer. Quickly & easily personalize your real estate postcards mailing list.

TriggerMarketing® just got even better with new features requested by realtors

At QuantumDigital, we’re all about making real estate marketing fast and easy. Recently, we’ve added some new features to our popular TriggerMarketing program designed for just listed and just sold postcard marketing.

pie chart with sections of different neighborhoods
Increase your real estate postcard marketing response with the following market segmentation strategies

How to segment your mailing lists so your real estate postcards reach the right people at the right time.

real estate agent pressing a social media icon
A quick guide to gaining more leads using social media platforms

8 Quick tips for using social media in real estate to build your mailing list and generate leads.

family walking by a river while looking for real estate in February

While it's the shortest month of the year, February is an excellent time for marketers to put their postcard ideas to work to create a successful first quarter.