Find out how Quantum Digital's TriggerMarketing® is being used by others in their direct marketing campaigns and how they create customized direct mail campaigns that are both timely and relevant while staying withing budget.

real estate agent using facebook live streaming
When you think of using video marketing to boost your real estate brand, what emotion comes to mind? Intimidation? Caution? Is video marketing worth the time investment. Are tangible results?
real estate agent creating a deeper connection with clients
It’s All About Forging Lasting Relationships

One important aspect of marketing yourself as an agent, one that you may not have even considered, is your interpersonal communications with clients -- the way in which you interact with them using verbal and nonverbal cues, whether that’s in-person or on the phone or through email. These interactions can make or break your client relationships and ultimately the probability of a successful listing or home purchase.

offline and online marketing for real estate agents

In the digital age, it can be tempting to solely focus on your online agent presence when marketing your services. But consumers expect consistent digital and offline experiences, and agents that use fully integrated methods like QuantumDigital's TriggerMarketing and TriggerMarketing Social will receive the benefits of interested, diverse leads from multiple channels.

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real estate agent greeting visitors during an open house

The open house is a long-standing real estate tradition. While agents are divided on its usefulness in closing a home in and of itself, there’s no doubt that more visibility for a home is always of benefit. For the most impact, combine online strategies with offline marketing to create multiple opportunities to connect with potential buyers and sellers.

Direct Mail Marketing & Digital Automation for Real Estate Marketing
For the Trend-Savvy Agent

Are real estate marketing automation systems really worth investing in, or should you stick with your current strategy? As automation and the use of artificial intelligence in real estate becomes more widespread, marketing-minded agents may be considering what the real benefits of its usage are.

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Plan now to generate new real estate leads every month

To save time, successful real estate agents know automating their farming, Just Listed / Just Sold campaigns, and Facebook Advertising will help them grow their lead pipeline throughout the year. 

a successful real estate agent talking on the phone with a prospect
How to take your real estate career to the next level

Once you've made it as a successful real estate agent, knowing what your next goal is and having the right resources to get you there is how you maintain your competitive position in the market.

real estate brokers discussing New Tools for their agents
How to Promote Real Estate Team Success
Real estate brokers can use these 4 tips to improve utilization when introducting new marketing automation tools to your real estate agents.
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Generate warm leads while simplifying and automating your marketing efforts

TriggerMarketing, our MLS-enabled Just Listed and Sold marketing program, is an excellent tool for use in your prospecting. Using TriggerMarketing, you can deliver personalized postcards to the area around your latest Just Sold properties. From personalization to simple tracking and follow-ups, TriggerMarketing offers a huge range of benefits for you as a realtor or real estate broker. Read on to discover how you can use TriggerMarketing to simplify and automate your prospecting.

image showing traditional direct mail via digital marketing methods

TriggerMarketing® takes the reliable performance of direct mail marketing a step further by incorporating design, prospect-targeting and order automation with social media advertising campaigns to make your listings and real estate brand stand out among the others.

Learn how you can integrate your social media and direct mail marketing seamlessly and easily with TriggerMarketing & TriggerMarketing Social.